Guided walks around Reykjavík

Walking around Reykjavík is a very special way to explore the city because the historical

places are close to each other. Walking with someone who is familiar with the history of the

city makes the old houses in the centre come to life in a remarkable way. You will find out

about the city’s history and customs, the Icelanders’ way of life as well as facts about

Icelandic society in modern times.


Mundo offers a personalised tour for groups of maximum 10 persons, where all your

questions will be answered and you will get the best recommendations for places to visit and

where to eat and drink. You will have the chance to submerge yourself into the real culture of

Reykjavík and explore the city in a personal way. You can ask for a customised tour for your

group of friends and/or family, indicating your preferences and the time and date that suits

you, and we will take care of the rest. The tour parts from the town hall every day at 1300

hours but you need to book in advance at

Book here

Cost: 5000 ISK if you purchase online

5500 ISK if you purchase from the guide